If you need financial planning advice you should find a Certified Financial Planner in Toronto

certified financial planner in torontoA Certified Financial Planner in Toronto (CFP) is an investment management and financial professional who has met and continues to meet the highest standards of competence with respect to financial planning, experience and ethics. In Toronto, and the rest of Canada the standard-setting body for the certificate is the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC). The FPSC is a non-profit organization recognized by the Standards Council of Canada as qualified to set and enforce the criteria of CFP certification. Inukshuk Capital Management’s President and Chief Investment Officer, Chris Keeley has been a Certified Financial Planner in Toronto for 20 years.

In order for a financial professional to earn the Certified Financial Planner in Toronto designation they must complete a series of courses that comprise a rigorous curriculum of financial planning knowledge and best practices as well as pass two national exams. To maintain their certification a CFP must complete new professional education courses each year. Clients of a CFP can be assured that their financial planner has a solid base of financial education and that this knowledge is continually updated with the latest in financial planning practices and standards.

Clients of a Certified Financial Planner in Toronto can not only be comforted that their planner is a qualified professional, based on Canadian and international standards but that their interests are always put first. In order to maintain their certification, every year a CFP must agree to adhere to the Standards of Professional Responsibility for CFP Professionals. This is a code of ethics, standards and practices that put client’s interests ahead of their financial planner and ensure they are receiving the best level of care in managing their personal finances.

Inukshuk Capital Management’s President, Chris Keeley is proud to hold the designation of Certified Financial Planner in Toronto. Inukshuk Capital Management is committed to putting its clients first. This fiduciary duty towards our clients aligns perfectly with the values of the Certified Financial Planner designation and its code of ethics and standards of practice. Our clients can be sure they are receiving the highest standard of care that is continuously being improved with the latest in financial planning knowledge.

Inukshuk Capital Management is an independent investment manager focused on cost-effective systematic ETF strategies designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns. We use a disciplined, quantitative approach to design tailored portfolio management solutions for individuals and institutions. Inukshuk Capital Management is also the manager of the Inukshuk Opportunities Fund LP, a systematic, multi-asset class, long/short global investment fund. Accredited investors can learn more about the fund here.

Inukshuk Capital Management Inc. is incorporated under the laws of Canada and is registered as an Investment Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer in Ontario. ICM’s office is located in Toronto, Ontario.


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