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Strategic Management

Our strategic management service provides our clients with a higher level of service at a lower price than you can find elsewhere.

After we create your IPS, we use our specialized ETF knowledge to build your custom portfolio.  We target asset allocations designed to achieve your investment goals within your time horizon and risk tolerance.  Then we monitor and rebalance your portfolio on a regular basis to ensure we maintain the asset mix at the level specified in the IPS.

Strategic management is similar in many respects to a “buy and hold” strategy, with the main difference being the periodic rebalancing of portfolio assets.  It is important to rebalance on a regular basis as asset values fluctuate.

Also included in our comprehensive wealth management service is tax efficiency and tax loss management.  Tax management is an often overlooked but important part of investing.  We select our re-balance thresholds to minimize transactions that could result in tax liabilities.  In addition, there are subtleties to different ETFs that make some more tax efficient than others.  Our specialized ETF expertise helps us choose the ones that make the most sense for our clients.

Dynamic Portfolio Management – Winning By Not Losing

Our dynamic management service seeks to provide clients with returns that outperform the benchmark but with less volatility and lower drawdowns.  This is a more active investment approach where the equity component of your portfolio is invested dynamically.  As markets rise and fall, asset allocations are constantly adjusted in response.  For example, if the market is strengthening, assets that are appreciating in value are purchased and assets that are declining in value are sold.

Key to this approach is dynamic risk management, where we seek to reduce risk when the investment environment becomes more uncertain. Investors may assume that investment managers manage risk as a natural component of their responsibilities; however, this is not always the case.  Most managers do not have a system in place to protect capital in the event of a market decline. This is due in part to the natural optimism of investors that markets always go up, as well as the sales-driven nature of the industry as a whole.

One of the basic rules of investing is: do not lose money.  Our dynamic portfolio approach helps us manage risk and the unavoidable market declines that happen from time to time.  We win by proactively protecting your capital.


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